Number Eight

Number Eight: Money and Finance

People born on number 8 are governs by planet Saturn.

These people are very hard working physically and are daring. They are courageous and are of introvert nature. These people life is full of struggle, mishappenings, and accidents. They have to fight a lot with their enemies but generally will come out as a winner. These people also have a feeling of revenge.  They are very serious and intelligent; they look at the things very minutely and have a foresight.

The amount of struggle an 8 number person see in his/her life is not seen by any other born number person. And no one can have the amount of patience and tolerance that they have.

These people are greatly influenced by the planet Saturn if they are born between 20TH January to 20TH February or from 20TH September to 25TH October. In that case they will be very successful in business than in service.

Number 8 is the number of power, wealth, money and management. They have great skills of administration, management, organizing and leading. They have great skill in money management. This is why they get great success in business field and even in political field.

However, success and money is not a quick thing for the number 8 people, in fact they acquire it after a very hard working in their life. They are achievers in life by uninterrupted hard work. They become richer and richer in second half of their life by steady usage of their talent and doing constant hard work.

These people are extremely ambitious, goal oriented, confident, disciplined, authority and realistic. They are very determined people, and have more energy than any other number people. They have an excellent sense of judging people. On spiritual side also, they are very practical, realistic and down to earth. They do not trust people very easily, but they go by their own experience and believe system.

These people are very compassionate and like to work for humanitarian causes. Some of the best examples are Mother Teresa and Baba Amte, both born on 26th date.

These people usually face a lot of delay in achieving all their goals in their life. They are like coconut hard from outside and soft from inside.