Number Four

The Number four: The Organized and Discipline.

The planet governing you is the Pluto.

Your life is full of unexpected happenings. You may suddenly become millionaire and due to certain reasons you may become penniless. You are expert in art of making friends. But your friendship will not last long. Only one or two of your friends will support you, other will take undue advantage of your good nature and good positions in the society.

You may be more influenced by Pluto if you are born between 21ST June to 31ST August. In that case you can do wonders in the fields of politics, society and religion.

You can succeed in business of Tobacco, wine, electricalequipment’s, mining and Narcotics.

They can become very successful journalists, critics, editors, authors.

They can become great engineers, scientists, inventors, researchers, and product manufacturers.

They can become very successful in any field of technology.

Even career related to finance is very good for them. They can become CAs, auditors and accountants.

As per your nature, you can also go in to law. Such people are very secretive and will not disclose your secret to anybody. They want logic and science in every reason. They argue a lot. They do not like to work under anybody. They love discipline.

Birth number 4 people are very practical towards life and are very down to earth. They like to go in every minor detail of the things they want to know. They are honest trustworthy, powerful and well organized. They like to complete their task in systematic way. They are very hard working.

Punctuality and consistency are their great qualities. They do not give up easily.

They are great planners and great managers.

Number 4 people have a habit of seeing and showing the opposite side of the coin. They dare to put their opposite views and cross question while discussions. Most people take them as rebellions because of their habit of straight forward expressing different thoughts.

They always have a logic and science in their thinking, and they rarely change their thoughts.

They aggressive, straight forward and extroverts. Many of them have a habit of criticizing.

Generally these people are not money oriented, but if they decide and work for money, they can create and make big money by their intelligent mind. Easy money is not for them, they have to do lot of hard work for earning it.

Negative Characteristics of people born on Number Four

At many points they are inflexible, rigid and obstinate. They become intolerant and judgmental. They are short tempered and have a high degree of ego. They are argumentative and quarrelsome. These qualities pull their success to a great extent.

Although they make a lot of friends, they also make lot of enemies due to their negative qualities.

Their straight forwardness may lead them to stubborn and headstrong behavior.

They are very emotional and can get hurt for small reasons. They may suffer from family and marital problems. Number 4 people often like to remain lonely and sad. Marring with incompatible partners may lead to problems in their married life.

COMPATIBLE NUMBERS FOR  4 – Compatible numbers for person born on number 4 are 7, 1, 5, 6(Best) 3 is secondary.


Incompatible numbers for person born on number 4 are 2, 9.

Number 4 and 8 if associated with long run are not good for them but if just for short time proves to be very good.