The Number one -- The Pioneer

The planet governing you is the Sun, King of all planets.

You are a very good planner and are born with excellent leadership qualities. You have your own independent views and have very strong administrative qualities. You are generally of serious nature and strong thinker. You are generally highly respected in your social status.

You will be more influenced by Sun especially if you are born between 21 July to 21 August. You have an attractive personality and are very brilliant and cannot accept your defeat easily.

You can be a very good business man if you enter in the field of Gold, Jewelry, Medical, Medicines, Scientific equipment’s, fire extinguishers, paper, cloth, restaurants, factories having boilers etc..

It is difficult for you to remain under some administrative services; you can only be chief executive officer or head of the department in any company.

Although people under the influence of Sun can succeed in any line, but they must try to avoid there hand in business of IRON.

A person having his/her birth number as 1 is extremely ambitious and his/her goal is to reach the number one position in any field of work they do. Number 1 person are born leaders and like to lead in the work they do, they do not like to be in the second position and even if they are in a team of small street sports, they would be captain of the team or wish to be the captain of the team. They like to command others.

Number 1 person make friends easily, and also attract people as to become their friends easily. Make number 1 friend and they will remain your friends forever.

They are courageous and like to take extreme risks to complete their endeavors.

The number 1 people are great perfectionists, and they will do anything perfectly whether it is good or bad.

Number 1 people are materialist people, they would like to acquire wealth and live a luxurious life. They will always settle nothing for than the best, they would like their children to go in the best school, buy a very expensive car and go for eating in the best hotel in the city.


They are jealousy by nature and somewhat obstinate. They have ego and anger. They are aggressive in nature and do not like to compromise. They are self-centered and want to be respected.

They lose their patients very easily. They have natural tendency of taking revenge.

COMPATIBLE NUMBERS FOR 1 – Compatible numbers for people has born on one are 9, 2,5,3,6 and 1 (Best) 4 and 7 secondary.

INCOMPATIBLE NUMBERS FOR 1 – Incompatible numbers for people born on one is 8.

LUCKY COLORS – Lucky colors for number 1 are Yellow, White, Red, Maroon, Copper and Golden.

People born on number 1 must always avoid Black color.


KING SHIVAJI– 19thFebruary 1630.

INDIRA GANDHI – 19th February 1917

BILL GATES– 28TH October 1955


 PRINCESS DIANA  – 1ST July 1961

BILL CLINTON – 19TH August 1946

MUKESH AMBANI– 19TH April 1957