Number Six

Number Six: Family & Relationship

If you are born on number 6, the planet which governs you is Venus.

These people are lucky, social, good looking and attractive personality.

You are especially influenced by the planet Venus if you are born between 20TH April to 24TH May or between 21ST September to 24TH October. In that case you will be very lucky by the influence of some woman in your life.

Number 6 is the most harmonious and caring number. This is the number of charm, amity, care, love, compassion, friendship, health, beauty and many other positive things. This is the only number having more positive things and less negative things as compare to other numbers.

Number 6 have charming and magnetic personality. They are helpful nature. Even if they are not good looking they attract people by their charming and smiling face. These people seem to be happy even in the worst situations.

They love everything which is artistic and beautiful. They are lovely and romantic people.

They are soft spoken, tolerant, diplomatic and problem solvers. They accept other with their short coming, strengths and weakness. They have good capacity of judging others and it is not easy to cheat them.

They do not worry much about themselves, but they take very good care of their family members and friends

These people are very materialistic, even in love, marriage and social work they consider material things. Money is their foremost concern. They do not chase money but make it through their hard work.

Best career options for person born on number 6 is arts, fine arts, acting, designing, Interior decoration, printing, fashion designing, florists, beautician, painting, dancing, singing.

These people do very well in business of hotel, restaurants, tour and travel, jewelry, readymade garments, beauty products, film industry and any luxurious products.

Generally person born on number 6 are very successful in life.

Negative Characteristics of people born on Number Six

These people at times can insult you in front of others. They are much manipulated and are expert in telling lie and to catch their lie is difficult. They are of taunting nature. They are at times very materialistic and can ignore other values of life.

COMPATIBLE NUMBERS FOR  6 – Compatible numbers for person born on number 6 are 1,5,7 and 6(Best) 2,4,8,9 ( Secondary)

INCOMPATIBLE NUMBERS FOR  6 – Incompatible numbers for person born on 6 is 3.

LUCKY COLOURS FOR  6 – White, green, red, maroon.

Persons born on number 6 must avoid yellow color.