Number Two

Number Two: The Peacemaker

The planet governing you is the Moon, the planet of Sensitivity and Intuition. You are very sensitive and you have a very strong Intuition power. You are imaginative, lover of art, peace loving and of social nature. You are mentally very strong person . You have a active mind and keep your views always changing. Nature of this can result in failure of many jobs you undertake. Women trust you very easily as you are very soft spoken and compassionate. You cannot say no to anyone and due to this quality of yours you have to suffer lot sometimes.

Generally you have a very beautiful face and good appearance. You are very supportive and like to take support of others as well. You like Ladies Company and have a famine character. You are a very good host. Persons born on number 2 lack stability of mind and keep changing their decisions. They are quick thinkers and like to learn new things in life. They make friends easily. Such people have a long list of friends in every section of the society.Birth number 2 people are charming, kind, and gentle, peace loving, soft spoken and honest. They know how to handle people and how to deal. In social field they become popular. Because of their nature they get respected everywhere. They love beauty and are of romantic nature. They are imaginative and emotional. As being emotional, their mood changes frequently. They have a great sense of humor. They do not like criticism and conflicts, nor do they like to get involved in any arguments. You can do business in the field of milk, curd, drinks, mineral water agencies, silver, sugar, diamonds and dentistry. Service in Navy, you can have a chance to travel by sea many times in your life

Negative Characteristics of people born on Number Two

As being moody persons, they cannot concentrate on a thing or a project for a long time. Because of this bad habit, they leave many of their endeavors incomplete. Even though they are imaginative, their ideas and concepts most of the time remains on mental level only. Many of their ideas rarely become a reality and even if their ideas are realized,because of lack of concentration and consistency the realization is not long lasting. They have a habit of not sticking to their decisions. They are very emotional people and one can convince them for anything very easily. As they are extremely sensitive, if the situations around them are not sensitive they get very easily disappointed.

They are pessimists by nature; they cannot do their best out of their positive qualities.

COMPATIBLE NUMBERS FOR 2 – Compatible numbers for person born on 2 are 1, 5,3 and 2(Best) 6 and 7 (Secondary).

INCOMPATIBLE NUMBERS FOR 2 – Incompatible numbers for person born on 2 are 8, 4 and 9.


Lucky colors for number 2 are white, yellow, green, cream and golden.

Black and red color should be avoided.





RAJEEV GANDHI 20TH August 1944


AMITABH BACHHAN  11TH October 1942

SHAH RUKH KHAN 2ND November 1965