Rudra is one of many names of Lord Shiva and Rudrabhishek Puja means – The worship of Lord Rudra (Shiva) by means of offering Him an Abhishek (Holy Bathing and Crowning).



Living a prosperous and joyful life is everyone’s dream. Whether it is our career, business arena, health, marriage or any other aspect of our life, we aspire for the very best without any friction. However, a life absolutely devoid of struggles and problems, is just a pipe dream!

At one stage or the other and in one form or the other, problems are inevitable in life, unless something drastic & highly effective is done to counter/negate problems. So what can be done to have a life that is a manifestation of bliss, joy & happiness? The answer is: Getting the blessings of Lord Shiva!

There are many different rituals (Pujas) of worshipping the God of Gods- Lord Shiva. However, one such Puja that invokes the blessings of Lord Shiva into the life of a person is “Rudrabhishek Puja”. Rudrabhishek Puja is an incredibly powerful ritual that helps a person in pleasing the Almighty Shiva and receiving His blessings in order to get rid of all problems in life.

Note: This Puja brings excellent results when performed during the celebration of Mahashivratri festival. The outcome of this Puja gets multiplied and the devotee is blessed with absolute bliss in life.

Rudra is one of many names of Lord Shiva and Rudrabhishek Puja means – The worship of Lord Rudra (Shiva) by means of offering Him an Abhishek (Holy Bathing and Crowning). If a person manages to please Lord Shiva, then there is no hurdle that cannot be removed from life and no goal/aspiration that can be denied to such person by his/her destiny.

Therefore, we urge you to book a Rudrabhishek Puja for yourself and get the blessings of the kind & benevolent Lord Shiva to make prosperity – an experiential reality in your life.

Benefits of Rudrabhishek

  • Rudrabhishek Puja brings prosperity in life.
  • Rudrabhishek Puja drives a person towards liberation.
  • Rudrabhishek Puja brings a person out of all financial and monetary problems.
  • Rudrabhishek Puja protects a person from the malefic influence of all negative energies by creating an aura of blessings around the subtle body of the person.
  • Rudrabhishek Puja brings enormous growth opportunities in one’s professional domain and amplifies the prospects of a promotion or wage hike in job.
  • Rudrabhishek Puja shields a business from regulatory hurdles and damaging competition in the market and provides a significant increase in business orders along with abundant cash flows.
  • Rudrabhishek Puja helps the native in attaining a sound health by curing many ailments present in the life of the native due to some troubled karmic structure of the past.
  • Rudrabhishek Puja increases the strength of benefic planets as per the horoscope and pacifies the ill effects of the malefic ones.
  • Rudrabhishek Puja brings prosperous & gainful opportunities of capital investment in one’s life.
  • Rudrabhishek Puja results in gains in the area of real estate or property.
  • Rudrabhishek Puja protects the native from all enemies (open as well as hidden).
  • Rudrabhishek Puja makes a person emerge victorious in legal battles and favours a person in matters of administrative tussle.
  • Rudrabhishek Puja creates chances of beneficial business travels both domestically and abroad.

Rudrabhishek Includes:

  • Rudrabhishek Puja on your behalf by highly learned Brahmin Priests to bring forth the divine blessings of Lord Shiva in your life.
  • Arrangement of watching the Puja being performed under your name via a recording provided to you by us in the comfort of your home.