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Vastu is all about harmonizing yourself in accordance with nature and striking a right balance between five elements ( FIRE, EARTH, AIR, WATER & SKY) and eight directions ( N, E, W, S, NE, NW, SE, NW) and centre. For any reason knowingly or by ignorance if this balance gets disturbed, we suffer enormously in various accounts like peace, harmony, health, relationship, career etc. Many times a thought must have crossed your mind whether VASTU is a myth, a superstition or a science. Many of us think it has surfaced in the past 20-25 years. But it is not like that! This is an ancient Indian science approximately more than 4000 years old. VASTU is all about harmonizing your living in accordance with nature.

Let me remind you how Vastu principles were in the DNA of our ancestors. In older times, premises were automatically built according to Vastu because our needs were limited. We were more close to nature then compared to modern lifestyle. Houses were built horizontally that time but now they are built vertically because of land scarcity.

Vaastu can help to get success in following ways

  • We help you in the selection of the right plot and flat. ( Residential, commercial, Industrial)
    In existing residential, commercial, or industrial property also, we incorporate Vastu principles to achieve desired results.
  • We take utmost care in the placement of every object and the right interior for your home.
    The right selection of colors in your day-to-day life.
  • We take special care for the placement of machinery, boiler, water bodies, basement, lift, ETP, owner office, staff office, raw material, finished goods, etc. in your commercial or industrial property.
  • We suggest the right color composition according to Vastu’s directions.
  • We suggest how to tackle outside minor or major obstacles in the property. (Like trees, electric poles, parks, hospitals, etc.)
  • We always recommend less or non-expensive remedies.
  • We match your date of birth with your property.

If you are going to buy Property/ Flat

Do not forget to adhere to Vastu principles at the time of selection of the plot/ property. This is the best time to take our guidance. If you invest in Vastu at this point of time, your prosperity can be ensured

We are an honest and trusted name in the Vastu field. We have a rich experience of 300 PLUS clients based across India, You can bank upon us for few simple reasons.

  • We give the most honest and scientific opinion to our clients.
  • No false commitments, we believe in giving a true picture about the project.
  • Give proper time, listen patiently to our clients.
  • No expensive remedies.
  • Give proper support after consultation.
  • We give more than value for your money.

Our Consultation charges vary depending upon the project. However, it starts from Rs. 10500.00 (Anywhere in Delhi & NCR).